Windscreen Repairs and Roadworthiness

Should you repair or replace a damged Windscreen?

Windscreen reapir RoadworthyTo be roadworthy in Queensland a windscreen must be deemed to be safe which means it must not have its strength compromised.  Also, the driver's vision must not be impaired by any damage. 

The "primary vision area" especially must not be cracked, chipped or scored to the extent that it impedes the drivers vision or causes damage to the windscreen wipers.  Specifcally bullseye and star fractures must not be more that 16mm in diameter and cracks must not be longer than 150mm or penetrate more than one lamination of the glass in the primary vision area.

As you can see there is a degree of interpretation in the rules regarding windscreens and what one inspector may deem to be roadworthy, could be assessed as unroadworthy by the next police officer you see.

The only way to be sure that your windscreen is roadworthy is to have it professionally repaired or you risk an expensive fine and the inconvenience of having your car put off the road until any damage is rectified.