Gold Coast Roadworks

There are 2850 kilometres of roads on the Gold Coast which means that at any time there is going to be a substantial amount of roadworks going on.  These range from short term works for repairing potholes to major projects such as road widening and bridge replacement.  The one thing they all have in common is the risk to motorists of windscreen damage.

Repair stone damage to windscreen

The City Of Gold Coast website lists major works being carried out by the council.  Smaller short term works are not listed there and neither are works on State highways that come under the responsibility of the department of Main Roads.  Here is the link to the council page for reference and updates but we have listed below the projects current at the time of writing.

City Of Gold Coast Roadworks at 11 May 2020

When travelling through roadworks it is important to obey temporary speed limits for two reasons. First, driving at 100kph in an 80kph roadwork zone can cost $444 and 2 demerit points.  $80kph in a 40kph roadwork zone is $1,245 and 6 months license suspension.  The second reason is that fast moving vehicles in roadwork zones are more likely to throw up stones and cause windsreen damage to other vehicles and fast moving vehicles getting hit by a stone from another vehicle are more likely to sustain damage.  Fortunately most windscreen chips and windscreen cracks cost a whole lot less than the speeding fine.  Usually under $100 if attended to promptly while still clean and before damage can spread.

If you do get a stone chip in your windscreen, don't try to clean of cover it in any way because you could actually introduce dirt an moisture which can make it worse.  Call us asap for a free quote on a professional windscreen repair.