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Reduced Traffic Increases Risk On M1

With so many people in isolation on the Gold Coast our roads have suddenly become less clogged and traffic is moving faster.  That's not all good news.

Generally speaking, better traffic flows mean safer roads.  That may not be the case on the Tugan to Reedy Creek section of the M1.  Those who use this stretch of the highway know that the old concrete surface is rutted and corrugated beyond anything that could be considered reasonable for a major highway.  So much so that travelling at the speed limit of 100kph introduces its own dangers, not least of which is the danger of items bouncing out of utes and trucks.

Mudgeeraba Windscreen Repairs


Yes, the upgrade to this section of highway has been announced and brought forward and yes, loads are supposed to be covered and secured.  But lets talk about the real world.

Reduced traffic is seen by some drivers as an excuse to speed and speeding vehicles on corrugated concrete highways such as the M1 between Varsity Lakes and Tugan are much more likely to have loose items thrown out of the rear tray.  We are seeing an increased number of windscreen cracks and windscreen chips caused by flying debris on this section of highway.  Most are from small items like a stone, nut or bolt that the offending vehicle owner may not have even known was in his vehicle.  Others are caused by larger and much more dangerous items like pieces of timber, tools and in one case a metal bucket.

Even the smallest item can cause expensive damage.  Windscreen chips may seem minor but can quickly expand into expensive cracks and even failure of the windscreen when it loses its rigidity.  It is essential that windscreen chips are repaired as soon as possible while the cost of the repair is under $100 otherwise you are risking a very expensive windscreen replacement and possible a fine for driving an unroadworthy vehicle just to add insult to injury.

Travelers using the M1 between Tugan and Varsity Lakes where the road is very rough and travelers using the M1 from Reedy Creek to Mudgeeraba where roadwords are under way should keep a good distance between themselves and the vehicle ahead to reduce the chance of windscreen damage and if damage does occur call us immediately for a free quote.  We offer a mobile windscreen repair service to the southern Gold Coast and will come to you.

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