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Covid, M1 Roadworks and Windscreen Chips

Southern Gold Coast Roadworks and Windscreen DamageIn an attempt to keep and create jobs during the covid-19 pandemic, Gold Coast roadworks are being brought forward which is great news for motorists.  Well, most motorists.  Unfortunately roadworks means loose stones and a greater chance of windscreen damage. With the M1 roadworks at Reedy Creek, Robina and Mudgeeraba we have also seen an increase in windscreen chip repair and windscreen crack repair demand in that area and the fasttracking of the Tugan to Reedy Creek stretch of the m1 upgrade has been announced also.

M1 Windscreen Damage

During the m1 roadworks windscreen chips and cracks can come from stones being thrown up by other vehicles, especially if they are not sticking to roadworks speed limits.  Stones can also come off the back of the trucks being used on the roadworks.  A common mistake made by drivers is in thinking that a small windscreen chip is inconsequential when in fact small chips are just as bad as windscreen cracks.  Over time even the tiniest chip can grow into a very expensive crack and because it takes a bit longer to appear, that crack is more likely to collect dirt and moisture making repairs harder and more expensive. 

Vibration is the enemy of car owners and this is the second, often overlooked problem caused by roadworks, although in fairness the M1 from Tugan to Reedy Creek is so rough that roadworks are not likely to increase vibration much on that section of road.  A small existing windscreen chip can suddenly become a substantial crack in seconds when a car vibrates while on rough surfaces or in the event of hitting a pot hole.  Unfortunately some people decide to put off getting minor windscreen repairs until after roadworks are finished but that is probably the worst thing you can do. Driving on rough roads with a windscreen chip or crack is likely to exacerbate the damage because of vibrations from the uneven road surface.  The windscreen crack can quickly expand into unrepairable areas of the windscreen or sinply grow to a size that is not repairable.

If you have a windscreen chip or crack we are offering free quotes for repairs in Robina, Reedy Creek and Mudgeeraba and surrounding areas of the southern Gold Coast.  We offer mobile windscreen chip repairs and windscreen crack repairs so you don't have to put your windscreen at further risk by driving it after damage has occured.  We will come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast, from Coolangatta to Beenleigh.

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